Buildings, Terrain & Props


Nothing enhances game play more than creating a vivid 3D tabletop world for your adventure. Whether it is simply some props to add to your map or a full scene to immerse your characters into, we have what you need. Choose from some of the best buildings, terrain and props that the 3D world has to offer. Can't quite find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will find it for you.


Choose from custom props such as chests, pillars, doors, Furniture or treasure piles. We have the props you are looking for to add detail to your adventuring scenes. All our props are printed in high detail resin or ultra fine FDM printing (.1 layer height) for the best quality and detail.


Build complete outdoor scenes for climatic encounters. Draw from our collections of trees/plants, river/road tiles, rock formations, fences and other table dressings to create realistic and awe inspiring outdoor scenery for your adventures. Most of our terrain is FDM printed with smaller high detail parts being resin printed.


Design full towns, walled cities or multi leveled castles. Our selection of buildings is wide and varied. We are always adding more themed buildings and expanding our list. Most of our buildings can be printed in 3 general sizes;

28/32mm scale - Fully removable roofs and floors often in several pieces. (FDM Printed)

15mm Scale - Small for displays & dioramas, often 1 piece per level with removable roof. (most often FDM Printed)  

10/6mm Scale - Tiny for tabletop wargames. Printed in resin most often 1 piece.


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