Hall of Heroes / Villians - Items tagged as "Dungeons_and_dragons"

You have chosen a life of adventuring. Now it is time to find that perfect mini for the game. There is nothing more satisfying than looking down on the table and seeing the perfect representation of your character standing defiantly over the slain body of your foe. 

Welcome to the Hall of Heroes. Here you will find the greatest adventurers of the Realms. Pick that Halfling thief or perhaps the Dwarven Fighter is more your style. They are all here from the low level rookie to the Epic Hero of legend. Maybe you are looking for the perfect arch-enemy, they can be found here to.

All our hero minis are printed in high resolution using grey resin. They a ready for painting or can be used as is. We can scale them to meet your game scale, whether it is 28mm or 32mm. We can even Up-size to 75mm or larger for that shelf model of your favorite Player Character.

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