Bring your table to life with our large collection of fantasy miniatures from some of the worlds best designers. Find the perfect mini for your Player Character from the Hall of Heroes. Challenge your players with legendary monsters from the Monster Market. Build a full community of NPCs from the Townsfolk Collection.

The Print Process

All our minis come printed in high detail grey resin, ready for painting. We utilize the latest 4K high resolution technology to produce the greatest level of detail possible. We custom support our minis for the printing process taking the greatest care to avoid any scaring on the front or other critical areas of the model. Some large models are printed in multiple parts. These minis are cleaned and fitted to ensure proper assembly.

Scale of Models

Miniature scale has become something of an issue these days. Each designer produces their models to which ever scale they wish. Often not specifying which scale they used. We try to use 28mm as our standard for miniature scale. We will upscale to 32mm upon request at no charge. Increasing scale of a model to larger sizes such as 42mm or 75mm can be done at a custom price. It is not recommended to reduce the scale of a mini too much as it can cause print issues. If you want a reduced size please contact us and we will confirm if the model can be reduced.

We can scale to fit your preferred scale, from 28mm to 75mm or larger.

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