Mythic Mugs - Fighter

Mythic Mugs - Fighter
Mythic Mugs - Fighter
Mythic Mugs - Fighter
Mythic Mugs - Fighter

Ars Moriendi


Mythic Mugs are a series of highly detailed 3D printed fantasy can holders. Each mug has been sculpted to represent a unique adventuring class or fantasy theme. They are available unpainted in four metallic finishes (Copper, Silver, Gold or Rainbow) or Grey for painting. (pic is an example, models come unpainted)

Mugs can be purchased in two versions; Standard or Threaded. Threaded mugs are compatible with all available Mythic Lids (sold separately).
Cans and Mythic Lids cannot be used together at the same time.

 The mugs are designed to hold most standard size (500ml) beverage cans. They come with Four inserts to adjust for various can dimensions. They are printed from non-toxic PLA plastic. It is not recommended to drink directly from the mugs. If you wish to drink other beverages with the mugs it is recommended to find a glass or plastic cup to insert into the mug. The mugs are not designed for hot beverages. Excessive heat can soften the plastic and cause deformation.


Although printed with non-toxic PLA plastic
* Not food-safe. Do not drink directly from vessel.

Printed under license from Ars Moriendi 3D of Denmark:
STLs available on their website;

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