Draco Lich

Draco Lich

Epic Miniatures


28mm 32mm

As you enter the dusty cave you see a large pile of bones at the back. One object catches your eye, a large dragon skull. Before you can react the dust begins to swirl and the bones rise up. Frozen in fear your realize you may have just met your match. It is a feared Dracolich Dragon. Take your dungeon to a new level with this impressive undead dragon from Epic Miniatures.

This model will come in multiple parts (safer to ship) This beast comes as a Huge Adult (5"X4"x3") model, 32mm scale Size: Huge 4" Base included This model is 3D printed using SLA technology in grey resin at a layer height of .05 mm for the best detail and quality.

Sold under Patreon License with Epic Miniatures. https://www.patreon.com/epic_miniatures/posts STL models Available through My Mini Factory https://www.myminifactory.com/users/Epic-Miniatures

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