Fates End Dice Tower - Catfolk

Fates End Dice Tower - Catfolk

Fates End


Nothing like the sound of dice rattling down a chute, your fate at their mercy. Bring the excitement to life with style. Fates End Dice towers are beautifully sculpted fantasy dice towers. These towers stand approximately 10" (25cm tall) and fit 28/32 mm tabletop scale. They come in three parts (some 2); the Tray, the main tower and the roof. The models will be 3D printed using a FDM print with a layer height of .2mm. The model will be made from paint-able PLA plastic.

Available in Grey (for painting) or your choice of copper, silver, gold, Bronze or Rainbow metallic finishes.

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery depending on production levels.

Licensed under Fates End Merchant Agreement.
License # 235

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