Mythic Dice Box - Elf
Mythic Dice Box - Elf
Ars Moriendi

Mythic Dice Box - Elf

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Showoff your pride in your RPG character while protecting your favorite gaming dice. Ars Moriendi Designs has done it again with their line of Mythic Dice Boxes. Each box is a 3D printed model derived from their Mythic Mug series of models. 3D printed in PLA plastic each box comes with a unique screw on lid.  Alternate lids can be selected Here.

Each box is Approximately 2.5" in diameter and 1.5" in depth (size varies by model), capable of hold several sets of dice. Be the envy of all the other players at the table with your custom dice box.

Add the matching mug to step up your game even more.

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