The Forgotten God

The Forgotten God
The Forgotten God

Epic Miniatures


28mm 32mm

As the druids' chanting reaches a crescendo, a mist begins to swirl in the portal. After a few seconds a long Taloned leg breaks the mist. Followed by a tall lanky body with a strange bird skull for a head. Large feathered wings spread from its back as it fully emerges. This can only be the forgotten god that the legends spoke of.

This amazing model by Epic Miniatures come in two versions (with or without wings). This model ships in pieces (wing separate). This beast comes as a Huge Adult (4") model, 32mm scale

Size: Huge 3" Base included These models are 3D printed using SLA technology in grey resin at a layer height of .05 mm for the best detail and quality.

Sold under Patreon License with Epic Miniatures.

STL models Available through My Mini Factory

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